C25K W6D3, Vibram’s Day 16

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Yesterday rocked!!  I was a little bummed that it was overcast and cool outside.  This was the longest run I’ve done so far so I was nervous and the variable weather added to those nerves.  To combat my insecurities, I took my time stretching and really tried to connect with my body and ground myself before taking off.  When I felt really ready, Toby and I took off to the “other side” of the river.

The East side of the Mad River (what I lovingly refer to as the “other side”) is more traveled but also one-ups the West side for views.  Along with views, the East side offers more fun textures for my feet.  I ran over mud, grass, pebbles, boulders and across bridges of questionable architectural integrity.  I’m still loving my Vibram’s.  I’ve also found that they are phenomenal dandelion-pickers.  After my run, I looked down to find dandelion heads poking out between my toes; it was hysterical and I wish I had a camera to capture it.

Speaking of Vibram FiveFingers, I found this video very inspiring.  Yeah, I know it’s a promo video, so please forgive me for posting an advertisement here, but I think it’s killer:


The BEST news from this run is that I ran the full 25 minutes without looking at the clock, getting tired or getting side-stitches!!!  When the polite British woman in my iPhone told me I could stop running I literally threw my hands up in the air and yelled “Woo-hoo!”  Yes, it’s a good thing I live in rural Vermont and there was no one around to watch me make a fool of myself; except Toby, who did his own happy dance when I cheered.

It’s the next day and I feel pretty darn good.  I have some tightness in my left calf that I’ll work out by stretching today.  The rest of me feels phenomenal.  Next run is Monday!

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