C25K W4D3, Vibram’s Day 10

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I am so impressed with my body and I have renewed faith in the C25K program. ¬†This entry is very much about me eating my own words. ūüôā ¬†It’s also going to be a quickie as I’m running off to offer chair massage for charity at The Burlington Yoga Conference. ¬†If you’re local to Vermont, come on by! ¬†Proceeds from my sessions go to Safeline, a local organization supporting women and girls in crisis.

As a reporter on VPR proudly announced, “The weather appears to be fixed.” ¬†That is to say it was close to 70¬ļ, breezy and sunny as I finished up week 4 yesterday. ¬†I mentioned after W4D2 that I was starting to think I should repeat week 4 since I found it quite challenging. ¬†Yesterday’s run was like night and day from the previous two workouts. ¬†I did slow my pace down slightly, but I noticed I still ended up going the same distance that I ran on Monday; not sure how I managed that. ¬†Each run felt light and relaxed, I never stared at the clock, and I didn’t have any issues with cramping. ¬†Speaking of cramping, look out for an entry on abs coming out this weekend!

Today, no aches to complain about! ¬†My calves feel much better, my lower back feels great, my abs feel like they had a productive workout; I’m all around a happy camper! ¬†I’ve also noticed that my weight is going up. ¬†I dropped a ton of weight when I first started working out regularly seven years ago. ¬†I lost a chunk more when I started doing aerobics on my Wii (I use My Fitness Coach). ¬†I’ve been at a “healthy weight” for a while now; not skinny-mini, but totally healthy for my frame. ¬†I’m used to my weight going up a bit when I start lifting weights again, and I’m assuming this weight is thanks to the new muscles I’m building in my legs. ¬†There’s been a noticeable physical change in the shape and tone of my legs. ¬†The muscles are starting to get some definition and they just feel “beefier”. ¬†I’m pretty stoked with the budding changes.

Weight has always been a confusing marker for me. ¬†It takes so much more than a scale to define “healthy”. ¬†I needed a scale to help convince me that I was 30-40lbs overweight when I graduated from college. ¬†I had really put on blinders while I stuffed myself with fast food throughout those four years and in looking at myself in the mirror I never felt overweight or fat; my height hides a lot. ¬†Watching the weight melt away and my energy levels grow as I began working in retail full time and ate better was the beginning of a reality check that led me to exercise. ¬†If I start slipping by getting lax with the exercise and splurging on the calories, my scale is a good check for me. ¬†However, when I’m eating right and working out regularly it becomes time for me to put that scale away. ¬†I’m building muscle and can see that while the weight is going up, my waistline is getting slimmer. ¬†So, screw you scale. ūüėČ

Next run is on Monday!  Look out for another anatomy entry before then!

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