• Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
    Whether you’re seeking massage to aid in the recovery of an injury, to enhance your athletic performance or for general relaxation, we are able to custom-tailor the session for your individual needs. Massage has been proven to promote healthy circulation, create body-awareness, increase mobility and relax the mind. Experience the next step towards wellness from an intuitive and effective therapist.
  • Prenatal/Postpartum Massage

    We are proud to offer a safe and nourishing session for mothers in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.  Using skills from Elaine Stillerman’s MotherMassage® course along with lymph drainage techniques and a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology, sessions are appropriately adjusted for the individual needs of every client.  Come experience relief, education and pampering during your incredible journey!

    For more information, see our Pregnancy Massage page.

  • Massage Cupping

    Massage Cupping uses soft and hard silicon cups to create suction on the skin, increasing circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage, breaking up adhesions (aka “knots”) and increasing range of motion. It’s an excellent tool for injury recovery and sports therapy.

    Cupping can be added to ANY massage. It’s also possible to schedule just a 60 or 90 minute Cupping Massage. A Cupping Massage includes gliding strokes with cups along with keeping them static to release problem areas. Cupping Massage includes facial cupping as well which uses small glass cups on the face to reduce swelling, clear sinus pressure and release the jaw. Facial cupping does not leave marks but can be omitted if the client prefers. Separate 45 minute Facial Cupping sessions are offered. Read more about cupping here.

  • Lomilomi
    Experience deep relaxation and healing touch in these traditional Hawaiian Temple-Style Lomilomi sessions. Lomilomi is massage from the heart. Lomi is extremely relaxing, yet the bodywork can include techniques ranging from light touch to deep tissue, energy work, specific and broad strokes and anything in between. Timing is flexible, generally lasting 90-120 minutes. No two sessions are alike; they flow like the ocean.  Please click here to learn more about lomi sessions.
  • Yoga
    Rebecca has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and became certified to teach in 2013.  She combines several styles including, but not limited to, Hatha/Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara and Kundalini to create a healing practice that suits all body types and skill levels.  To learn more and see upcoming classes please check out our Yoga page.
  • Reiki
    Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”), is a type of energy-work that channels life-energy, or “Chi” to support healing. It’s a gentle yet powerful modality that is used in hospitals, clinics and in private settings all over the world. Reiki promotes relaxation as it encourages healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Sessions can be performed clothed and with hands on or off the body.
  • Events and Classes
    Add Massage, Reiki or Yoga to your next corporate, athletic, social or community event!  Innovative Bodywork offers on-site chair massage and pre/post sports table or chair massage.

    Rebecca is also available to teach classes and workshops to groups looking to benefit from basic massage techniques.  Ideas include Couples Massage, Hand and Foot Massage, Couples Pregnancy Massage and Basic Relaxation Techniques.  All classes include the basics of endangerment zones and brief anatomy of the area being worked on.  Classes are intended as enrichment courses only and do not come with certification or CEU credits.

    Please contact us for pricing.


  • Massage

    60 Minutes (best for specific focus areas)⋯$80

    75 Minutes (best for full-body relaxation massage or multiple focus areas)⋯$95

    90 Minutes (best for full-body therapeutic/deep tissue massage)⋯$115

  • Massage Cupping

    60 Minutes⋯$80

    90 Minutes⋯$115

  • Lomilomi


  • Reiki

    30 Minutes ⋯ $45

    60 Minutes ⋯ $80

    90 Minute Reiki Integrated Massage ⋯ $115

  • Yoga & Meditation

    Yoga & Meditation Private Lessons ⋯ $60/hr



Payment can be made via Cash, Check, or Credit Card (MC/Visa/AmEx/Discover)