What is Lomilomi?

Lomilomi is massage from the heart.  It allows the therapist to trust their intuition to connect with their client and combines many modalities to reach the client with a treatment that is completely catered to their needs.  Lomi is often extremely relaxing, yet the bodywork can include techniques ranging from light touch to deep tissue, energy work, specific and broad strokes and anything in between.  No two sessions are alike; they flow like the ocean.

The History of Lomilomi

Lomilomi originated in Hawaii during what we would call ancient times.  When the population was smaller each village often had a lomilomi practitioner who used their intuition, knowledge from their kupuna (elders) and whatever they found in nature to help those in physical need.  They were inspired by the ocean and the wind and movements of the practitioners were similar to the hula.  Lomi practitioners brought peace, comfort, pain relief and love to their ohana (family).

How is Lomilomi different?

Lomilomi varies widely based on teaching and practitioner. Rebecca has been training with Gloria Ku’uleialoha Coppola who teaches Temple-Style Lomilomi.  This style is done on a traditional massage table but there are some differences to Swedish massage.  Please note that all sessions can be catered to the individual and Lomi can be mixed with any type of massage but here are some general differences:

  • Lomilomi is intensely relaxing.
    It’s recommended to bring a snack for after the massage and give yourself time to unwind afterwards.
  • The style is more free-form than Swedish.
    For example, instead of working just upper body and then just legs lomilomi will flow around the body as needed.
  • The draping is different.
    Traditionally lomilomi is done with more limited draping than Swedish massage; this is optional. As with Swedish, no genitals or breast areas will be exposed during a session, but to allow easy movement between body parts, when face down you may opt to have legs and back uncovered at the same time (this is called “diaper drape”) and when face up you may opt for the diaper drape plus a towel to cover breast tissue. I tend to heat up the room much warmer for these sessions to allow for comfort but I can always provide additional draping and blankets. Lomilomi can also be done completely clothed!
  • Prepare to be pampered!
    Lomilomi sessions often start with a foot soak or scrub. The pace is leisurely with sessions generally lasting 90-120 minutes. Please schedule at a time when you can enjoy the flexibility.

What are people saying about Lomilomi?

From Yelp:

“Rebecca did a superlative job with the most relaxing massage I have ever experienced. Her mastery of Lomilomi technique is second to none. She incorporated myofascial, deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques during the nearly two-hour session. From the initial salt scrub of my feet to the full body flowing forearm stokes from my heels to shoulder, I was transported to a place of peace and calm. A Lomilomi massage is just the thing to interrupt and bring perspective to my busy go-go-go lifestyle.” -Wil C.