C25K W6D2, Vibram’s Day 15

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Another gorgeous day in Vermont yesterday!  I headed out early to The Mad River Path with Owen, my co-worker’s dog, and Toby.  The routine was two ten minute runs with a three minute walk in between.  The first run was smooth as silk.  We headed along the trail past the first meadow, curled into the woods and popped out at the second meadow to quite a Vermonty surprise; fresh manure!  For two young retrievers this was like stumbling upon a (stinky) pot of gold.

When I first moved to Vermont it was late fall, which is a prime season for spreading manure on the fields; spring being the other popular time.  I remember scrunching up my nose as I drove around, wondering how anyone ever puts up with that smell.  Now, only a year and a half into being an ex-flatlander, I can honestly say that I find it comforting.  It’s a smell that I associate with the change of season and in the Spring that smell means growth and new life.  Pretty wonderful things can come out of a field of poop.

I’d like to state the obvious for a moment.  Since running increases heart rate and breathing, and I’m working on avoiding cramps by taking big belly breaths while I run, there was no avoiding the stench in the air.  Luckily, the manure was mixed with the scent of freshly-cut grass, blooming flowers and river aromas; so it all blended together into an amalgam of Spring.  I smiled broadly at Owen, who had decided to firmly plant himself upside-down in the middle of the field and he rolled and rolled the scent into him.  My pup, Toby, who is obviously the valedictorian of his species, decided it was more fun to watch Owen than to join in.  Unfortunately, as soon as Owen noticed Toby’s disinterest, he tackled him, smearing his black fur with brown streaks.  Bleh.

The run was fairly uneventful, though I was frustrated when I got a cramp near the end of the second run.  My research taught me that some people are more prone to cramps than others.  Apparently, I got the short end of the stick here but I’m not giving up!  Every run the cramps are more and more manageable so I can only hope that I’ll get to a point where they are non-existant.

Today, my body feels great!  I’m noticing new shapes forming in my legs as my muscles begin to mature.  My pants are getting looser, my posture seems to be getting better and my overall energy level is sky-high.  I really hope I can stick it out for the full nine weeks (and beyond) to really see how my body can be transformed!

Next run is tomorrow, and it’s a long one!  I can’t wait to see how it goes!

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