C25K W6D1, Vibram’s Day 14

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Woo-hoo week six!!  I’m seriously excited to have come this far, and I have to admit it flew by!  While my running has been on schedule, this blog entry is a little past-schedule thanks to an exploding work week.  I’ll try to be brief today.

Monday brought colder temperatures but lots of sun to the Mad River Valley.  I’ve definitely noticed that I labor more in the colder weather, and I caught myself looking at the clock a few times during this run.  Monday’s run reverted back to shorter runs with breaks in between; run five minutes, walk for three, run eight minutes, walk for three, run a final five minutes.  Since Friday’s 20-minute straight run went so well I expected this to be a cake-walk, but it wasn’t that glamorous.

Overall, I didn’t run into any real issues.  The blisters on my feet were no longer painful by the time I ran and the run did not inflame them at all.  I will say that I was happy to be back on grass instead of pavement!  I did get a cramp during the 8-minute run but used the techniques outlined in my previous post and I was A-OK.  The “pushing the liver out of the way” trick still seems to work the fastest for me, but I rarely try that first as I hate stopping once I start running.

Today will be my second run of the week.  It’s a combination of two 10-minute runs with a short walk in between.  I’m excited to get back out there.  While I don’t always feel phenomenal in the beginning of my runs, by the end (once the endorphins have kicked in) I feel great and I’m noticing that I’m craving running on my off-days.  I’m starting to understand why this is an addictive sport, though I’m not 100% sold yet.  I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks bring!

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