C25K W5D1, Vibram’s Day 11

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Yesterday was my favorite run so far!  The temps in the Mad River Valley were close to 80º with a thick humidity  throughout most of the morning.  Rolling thunderstorms began flying through around mid-day and by the time I headed to the Mad River Path (deciding it was best to run after work today instead of on my lunch break) the weather broke into a glorious breezy 73º with bright blue skies.  It was so picture perfect that I would not have been surprised to wake up and realize I was dreaming.

From reading other online forums, I’ve heard that many people drop out of C25K around week five.  I have a strong feeling that’s because of the large leap between the week three and week four routine.  I wrote of my frustrations last week as I struggled through the first two days of the workout and then finally found myself again in the last run.  I had such a hard time in the beginning of week four that I thought I’d have to repeat it.  Then, I read about week five.

Week four consists of four runs, two three minute runs and two five minute runs with short walks in between.  Week five is three five minute runs with three minute walks in between.  While this does up the endurance a little, it also mentally feels easier than week four.  I thought I might be proved wrong, but I’ve got to say that yesterday felt like a relief compared to week four.  Yes, it would not have felt so nice if I hadn’t gotten comfortable with the five minute duration in week four, so that week was obviously vital.  However, if I did this program again I would add a week between week three and week four to make things more gradual.

After our run, Toby and I headed to the river to cool off.  Now that we’ve had a few warm days, the river is much more pleasurable for wading.  My Vibram’s and I headed right into the middle of the river and I did my yoga stretches waist-deep in water.  I love the Vibram’s.  It’s so nice to have shoes that feel like bare feet and are safe to run, swim and hike in.  I could feel the pebbles and rocks beneath my feet but never felt pain.  I was able to grip the riverbed with my toes and keep my balance in the strong current as I stretched.  It was the perfect way to cool down after a successful run.

Today, I feel fantastic.  Next run is tomorrow, I can’t wait!  There is still an anatomy entry coming on side cramps (as soon as I find some time).  For now, happy running!

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