C25K W2D3, Vibram’s Day 4

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Wow, I was really blown away by how much the weather effected my run yesterday!  It was the last C25K day of week 2, which is still pretty gentle.  My past two sessions, while slightly more challenging than week 1, were totally do-able; I even had a smile on my face for most of W2D2!  Yesterday, though, had a rough start.

It was an unseasonably cold morning, even for Vermont.  At just barely above freezing, the forecast promised to be a mix of snow, rain and sleet.  Looking out my window while sipping my coffee revealed hail as well which left me wondering if I really wanted to run outside or if I wanted to just go run on a treadmill indoors.  However, I do love my dog quite a bit and knew he would be bummed if I didn’t take him for a little running adventure.  I bundled up and headed back to the Stowe Quiet Path.

My toes were frozen before we even got across the street from the parking lot to the path entrance.  I kept reminding myself that they would warm up during the run.  Between the extra layers and the cold I felt heavier than usual.  I had to consciously fight back the urge to hunch my shoulders, as medial rotation is instinctual in that weather.  I felt practically robotic as I transitioned from the five minute walking warmup into the first ninety-second run.  “Be loose in your body and light on your feet,” I tried to repeat to myself.  I immediately caught myself lazily letting my legs drop, which caused my feet to slap against the earth and made it easier to push off from my toes, a big no-no.

Luckily, in the middle of the second run I caught my stride.  The rain was very light at this point and I found it easier to feel relaxed with each segment.  Toby and I intersected with the Stowe Rec. Path, which we always have to run for a bit until we get back to the second entrance of the Quiet Path.  The Rec. Path is all asphalt and I mentioned previously that I was alternating between running on the grass alongside the path and running on the asphalt so that I didn’t overdo it while my feet are adjusting.  On this run, I stayed on the asphalt the whole time and felt pretty good about it.  I did notice the impact to my body increased slightly, partly because I still wasn’t as light and free as on prior runs, but it was nothing terribly noticeable and it certainly was not painful in the least.

This was the first day since I started wearing the Vibram’s that I did get a bit red-faced following the workout.  My feet, especially my toes, also stayed frozen the entire time.  I didn’t notice it once I got moving, but when I took my Vibram’s off it was clear that my feet were wet, cold and slightly numb.  It was definitely a labored workout, but it wasn’t that terrible; I would do it again.  My labrador was also happy as can be as he managed to get soaking wet in mud puddles and by running through the swollen river.  Happy dog!

I continue to have no noticeable pain the next day.  I did treat myself to a 90-minute Deep Tissue massage following the run (one of the really enjoyably parts of my staycation) and was mildly surprised to feel soreness in my ITB and in the articulating joints on the balls of my foot as well as some soreness in the Achilles Tendon.  Compared to ITB and foot pain that I’ve had in the past from new workouts, this is incredibly mild, but I did want to mention it.

Amazingly, I felt no soreness as the therapist dug into my arches!  I was also surprised to feel no discomfort in my calves even when the therapist really got in there.  I normally have very tight calf muscles, so it was odd that after a week of hard labor landscaping and two weeks of this new running routine my calves feel looser than they usually do.  Now, if only my left hip and forearms could heal from the landscaping debacle!

No more runs until Monday when I’m back at work and on the Mad River Path.  I can’t wait to see how Spring has evolved on the path in the week I’ve been away!

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