C25K W4D1, Vibram’s Day 8

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Yesterday, I began week 4 of C25K.  The program is supposedly gradual.  Last week, in the 30 minutes that I spent on the workout I only ran for nine minutes, in week 4 I was prompted to run SIXTEEN minutes; this did not feel gradual to me!  All right, I know I’m whining a bit, but I was surprised when the nice British woman on my Get Running app went over the durations of the run.  Suddenly, the “short” run duration this week was the same as the “long” duration run last week and it really made a big difference.  I was proud that I was able to get through it without making excuses and stopping, but I did have to fight back some of the ailments that made me shy away from running in the past.

First, I was greeted by the first side-cramp that I’ve had while running since I started the program.  I flashed back to high school, picturing Mr. Shanley, our hilarious ex-monk English and Track and Field coach, telling me to put my arms over my head.  The cramp went away with my arms up but immediately returned when I put my arms down.  This cramp followed me in different dull shades of pain throughout the entire workout.

Next, during the first five-minute run, I started wheezing a little.  I technically have exercise-induced asthma along with some Spring allergies but since adapting to a healthy diet and adding more cardio to my workouts I no longer take medication for the asthma nor do I have noticeable issues with it.  I’ve also outgrown most of the seasonal allergies.  Luckily, the breathing issue subsided by the end of the first five minute run and it did not return, hooray!

The cramp definitely slowed down my stride, but overall, despite my complaining, this was a do-able workout.  Sure, I sweat more than in previous weeks and I breathed heavily, but in a way that’s what it’s all about, right?  Getting my pulse rate up and my body moving!  It also helped that the weather was super-duper gorgeous out.  I ran in shorts and a tank top in the 68º sunny weather and smiled at the ramps and fiddlehead ferns coming up along the river.  The buds on the trees here are finally starting to turn to flowers and the colors are juuuuust starting to pop out.  In another week or two it’s going to be heavenly!

I also got a good chuckle from Toby, my lab.  He was huffing and puffing more than I was!  To be fair, he does like to weight-lift while running by carrying giant sticks and branches in his mouth.  It’s amazing he hasn’t clobbered me yet.  He now knows the word “run”, as when he slows down and I start to catch up with him I say, “Toby, run!” and he starts trotting briskly.  By the end of the session he was barely keeping up with me, tongue lolling lazily out the side of his mouth, and he made an immediate b-line to the Mad River to cool down.

So, it’s the day after, how do I feel?  Pretty damn good!  My legs feel like they had a workout but there’s no discomfort or aches, just a little stiffness that can be stretched out.  My feet feel good, though I’m noticing that since I ran on the treadmill I have a small blister on the medial edge of my right big toe (oddly, in the joint, not on the fleshy part of the toe).  I need to think about that one a bit.  It implies that I’m pushing off from there, which means that I’m everting my foot a little.  Interesting.  I feel another anatomy entry coming on. 😉

Next run is tomorrow.  Forecast is for…snow?!  Well, it is Vermont!

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