C25K W3D3, Vibram’s Day 7

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Wow, that intensive MotherMassage® workshop I took really was intense!  While I found time to run, I had zero time to blog.  Let’s get to it!

I did brave the treadmill at the hotel.  It was an interesting experience.  I am not a gym lover, mostly because I feel trapped in gyms.  It’s all very robotic to me and while I can certainly appreciate the health benefit that gyms provide, I’ve never found one that doesn’t seem dirty and cramped to me.  The hotel’s “gym” (in parenthesis because it was really just a tiny room with two treadmills, two step machines and a stationary bike) was no exception.  I suppose the only benefit was that I was the only one there so I felt much less self-conscious than I do in traditional gym settings.

There were distinct pros and cons of running on a treadmill.  The biggest con was not being outside, obviously, so there was less stimulation and it was less”fun”.  I started off by listening to music in my iPhone and ended up getting sucked into a classic episode of Friends; geez, that feels like an embarrassing admission.  It was also cumbersome switching speeds as I transitioned from speed walking to jogging.  I did take a friend’s advice and used an incline of +1.  My walking pace was around 3.5 and the running pace was between 5-5.3.  Having never used a treadmill for running before I have no clue how these speeds relate to “normal” but I wanted to record them here for posterity.

I will say, it was easier for me to find and maintain my stride on the treadmill.  I felt relaxed and light on my feet.  It was overall very comfortable.  I woke the next day with no noticeable joint or muscle aches and I continued to feel great throughout the weekend.  Hooray!

Today I’ll be heading into week 4 of C25K.  I’m a little nervous, since I did find week 3 to be mildly challenging but I think I’m ready.  I’ll find out soon enough!

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