C25K W2D2, Vibram’s Day 3

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Ah, some sunshine!  Toby and I were back at the Stowe Quiet Path yesterday morning for our third barefoot running experience.  Well, to be fair, Toby is always a barefoot runner; perhaps he can teach me a thing or two.  The weather was picture perfect.  It just reached 50ºF when we got to the path, which made it cool enough to be comfortable while running but warm enough to keep me motivated and smiling.

I must be running and possibly even walking faster because I notice I get farther along the path with each trip despite the run-time staying the same.  I’ve been on an intense “Landscaping Staycation of Doom!” since Saturday and yesterday morning I really felt the four straight days of digging, raking, building and planting.  I was a little nervous about running, but the run on Sunday had actually helped loosen things up so I was hopeful this run would do the same.

I’m getting more into a routine with my stretching before and after the run.  I’ve been mixing standard stretches with Yoga poses and I find that really helps me maximize how much I stretch without taking too much time.  Once again, I focused on stretching my feet and toes along with the rest of my body.  As a tip, Palm Tree is a killer pose for stretching feet, pecs and arms.  Definitely one of my favorites!

The workout was once again a good pace for me.  I felt as though I was working but was not being terribly challenged.  I think trail running really helps motivate me as I can spend the time exploring new places and it gives me a chance to observe how quickly nature changes, especially this time of year.  With my mind and body at ease the workout went by quickly and, once again, I recovered very quickly.  After my post-workout stretching my body felt so much looser and my mind was 10x more focused.

Next day report?  I feel great!  The blister I got from my first day with the Vibram’s has healed.  No arch or calf pain, no toe pain or blisters.  I’m a happy camper.  I was stopped while running on the path yesterday by a woman who noticed my Vibram’s.  She said they’re all the rage at her gym but she can’t understand why someone would want to run in those versus built-up supportive running shoes.  I gave her the schpiel about posture and ergonomics and used runners in Kenya as a prime example.  I held back from saying, “Seriously?!  You can’t understand why using your toes and all of the natural articulating surfaces of your foot is more comfortable than wearing heavy coffins on your feet?!”  I suppose I’m a convert now. 😉

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  1. Emily  April 14, 2010

    It’s funny, I can’t use the VFFs (I have Morton’s foot, they don’t make them for freak-toe-havers like me) but there are a lot of similar qualities in my weird Reeboks – the full sole flexibility, the huge toe box so my toes can spread out all the way, plus a little squish in place for my screwy knees. (Running on pavement is hell but they’re building up fast; will probably move on to trail running when I hit the 5K mark.)

    I was hunching up my shoulders a lot when I started out, now I do a few repetitions of down dog-to-up dog and it helps a lot, as well as stretching out my quads. I follow it with basic triangle poses and then go into a standard dynamic stretch routine. You know more yoga than I do, it seems – what do you use for static stretching after your runs?

    Wait ’til you see your feet start to spread out and flatten on their own, it’s just starting to happen to my feet and it’s soooo weird!

    • BarefootInVermont  April 14, 2010

      Yeah, I’ve been practicing Yoga for 13 years. 🙂 Damn, that sounds like a long time but I still have so much to learn! I do variations of Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 for static stretching; those stretch my feet, legs and mid-upper body all in one shot. Usually from there I’ll do Half Moon and Triangle and if the ground is dry enough I’ll do variations of Pigeon (or I do that as soon as I get home) to stretch out my ITB. I’ve noticed later in the day a couple hip-openers help so I’ll go back to Pigeon and add in Tree Pose and end with gentle stretches on my back. I can’t remember the name of the one I like but you basically lie on your back with your arms spread, then let your legs drop to one side while your head drops to the other. Engage your abs when switching sides so you’re not using your lower back.

      I’m finding Yoga + Running = Bliss. 🙂